Cultural Competency in the Workplace

by: SafeQuest Solano October 11, 2016   SafeQuest Solano has been part of the Asian Pacific Islander (API) Cultural Competency Project, led by My Sister’s House, for the past two years. As a domestic violence and sexual assault non-profit organization, it truly is essential for us to understand where our clients are coming from. Simply… Read more »

Creating Impact for Survivors of Domestic Violence

by: Elaine Abelaye-Mateo, Everyday Impact Consulting September 29, 2016   My Sister’s House has been a leader in building Asian and Pacific Islander (API) cultural competency among mainstream domestic violence (DV) shelters and service providers. This year marks the 7th year that My Sister’s House has led a cohort of domestic violence providers in building… Read more »

Strengthen Connections with the Hmong community

by: Casa de Epseranza August 26, 2016   I started working at Casa de Esperanza about 4 years ago with the anticipation of working with my community. As I started looking into how to outreach into the Hmong community, I noticed that there are not many resources within the Yuba Sutter area that understand and… Read more »

Sanyah’s Journey

by: Tri-Valley Haven July 22, 2016   “Sanyah” and her two sons arrived in the US from their native Nepal about three months ago. Her husband, who had always been abusive, quickly learned about California domestic violence laws when he was arrested for his violence against her and the children, and “Sanyah” was granted an… Read more »

A Hmong Daughter’s Homecoming

by Weave June 24, 2016   I remember seeing Karen* for the first time, her bruised skin a physical marker for the trauma they had just endured; but she was more concerned about how her leaving her husband would affect her family and especially her father. Never mind that she had just been screamed at,… Read more »

Constant State of Learning

by Christine Nguyen, My Sister’s House June 8, 2016   When Xai and her husband left Laos after the Vietnam War, Xai had only the support of her husband’s family in the United States. In the Hmong culture, when a woman marries, she leaves her side of the family and becomes a part of her… Read more »

Empower Yolo Receives Grant to Improve Health Care Response to Domestic Violence

by Empower Yolo February 17, 2016   Empower Yolo and CommuniCare Health Center named one of six domestic violence programs and community health centers selected to receive funding, training, and support to address intimate partner violence   Stereotyped as the “healthy minority,” API women’s health concerns are often underestimated and ignored by healthcare providers, lawmakers, and the general public…. Read more »

Food: A Basic Human Need

by Haven’s Women Center February 9, 2016   Imagine walking into a strange place full of people you’ve never met. You are put into a room, probably with another family or other individuals who have left similar abusive situations. Imagine walking into the kitchen to not find any food items that you’re familiar with. Where… Read more »

A Woman’s Success

by Casa de Esperanza January 6, 2016   When I was going to do outreach at the Mehal Plaza, I met a lady suffering from domestic violence, who was totally unknown of Casa de Esperanza. Learning from me about Casa de Esperanza services, she seeks shelter within our organization and stayed in our shelter. While in shelter,… Read more »

Valley Crisis Center Next Generation Update for end of year 2015

  by Valley Crisis Center December 22, 2015   CHAN is an interagency network created by Pana Lee of Valley Crisis Center and Sitra from My Sister’s House, in order to provide a safe place for Hmong advocates to meet on a quarterly bases. CHAN has now grown to as many as 6 advocates in California. The… Read more »