Strengthen Connections with the Hmong community

by: Casa de Epseranza

August 26, 2016


I started working at Casa de Esperanza about 4 years ago with the anticipation of working with my community. As I started looking into how to outreach into the Hmong community, I noticed that there are not many resources within the Yuba Sutter area that understand and work with the Hmong community.


Within the Hmong community, Casa de Esperanza is viewed as the “Run away house” or “divorce house.” Not many victims will seek help out of the family due to feeling of shame in the relationship to her community. Many victims tend to keep their personal business with the family. Victims tend to keep quiet or turn to the “Elders” in the family.


As I started my outreach process, I had to redirect myself and look at other available resources that serve the Hmong population. I was able to establish a flyer and was able to get in contact with other resources such as colleges, clinics, WIC, and school to establish the connections with them about what our goals at Casa are. I was able to go into Yuba College and do presentations about Casa’s services, and was able to meet with agencies that are willing to help talk about Casa’s services.


One of my challenges in working with my community is the lack of resources. Another challenge is that members of the Hmong community tend to not seek services unless their families allow it or, unless they no longer are supported by family.


Although I know that it will be a struggle and a challenge to do outreach to the Hmong community, I will keep trying. Even though I may not get to help all victims, my goal and hope is to be able to reach one victims at a time. Our goal at Casa de Esperanza is to be able to serve all and to understand how to help each culture.

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