24-Hour Support Line: (916) 428-3271

Our 24-hour helpline assists callers in identifying the signs of domestic violence and human trafficking, crisis intervention, safety planning, information and resource referrals and general support. My Sister’s House 24/7 Multi-Lingual Support line is an easy way to find information about My Sister’s House and how those facing domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking issues can receive assistance.

Safe Haven Shelter Program

As the only shelter that specifically serves the needs of the highly diverse Asian and Pacific Islander population in the Central Valley region, the emergency Safe Haven at My Sister’s House is a much needed place for Asian and Pacific Islander women and children fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Our emergency shelter provides a safe, comfortable and culturally-appropriate environment for its residents. Clients of all ethnicities can stay at the shelter for up to 90 days and are provided with basic food and supplies, case management and support. Additionally, My Sister’s House operates two 6 bed transitional houses.

Women to Work Program

Unique to My Sister’s House is its Women to Work program which helps survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking get back on their feet, especially financially.  A variety of support groups are offered as part of the Women to Work program, including a Spanish speaking program in Wednesday. The support groups provide information and resources to survivors regardless of ethnicity and is free to all survivors.  The Women to Work Program provides an array of supportive services that help clients move towards a state of stability, such as healthcare information and referrals, transportation, clothing, child care, housing assistance, employment/career guidance, legal services and more so they can take those next steps toward a steady job and become self-sufficient and live a life free of abuse.

Counseling Sessions

All of these counseling sessions are facilitated or supervised by licensed marriage and family therapists. If you would like to attend any of the counseling sessions below, please call 916-428-3271 or email info@my-sisters-house.org

Domestic Violence Education

We provide a weekly group session to teach attendees about warning signs and types of violence. Discussion of these issues allows for prevention and helps attendees identify DV within their relationship or relationships around them.

Healing Through Art

Healing through art is a class supporting women by providing them with an artistic outlet. Healing through art is another approach My Sister’s House uses to foster healthy habits and learn new skills that can translate into the professional world.