Supporting Hmong Women Survivors

Recently, Hmong Innovating Politics posted a great narrative from a Hmong sexual assault survivor. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to speak out about topics like sexual assault, especially since these topics are taboo in the Asian Pacific Islander community.


It demonstrates the importance of movements like #metoo, where survivors can hear of stories like theirs that might resonate with them. And it also highlights the importance of our community coming together to end sexual violence. This is why organizations like Hmong Innovating Politics and My Sister’s House are so important to support survivors and educate our community on ending sexual violence.


Here are a few additional ways to end sexual violence in our communities:

Invite a local sexual violence organization to conduct a training for your group. It is vital that our daughters and sisters recognize the signs of abuse, an abuser, and what to do should they be sexually assaulted so that we can minimize the abuse.

Learn about the resources your local domestic violence and sexual assault organization has to offer to help with the healing, intervention, and prevention.

If someone discloses, believe them and connect them to community resources like My Sister’s House and Hmong Innovating Politics as a community ally.


My Sister’s House offers a 24/7 multi-lingual crisis line, as well as a sexual assault survivor support group, #MeToo that meets the third Monday every month. For more information about these resources and services My Sister’s House offers please contact our Sexual Assault Prevention Specialist Michelle Huey at or our crisis line at 916-428-3271.

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