Join hundreds of Central Valley runners and walkers in the 20th annual Run for a Safe Haven 5k run/walk and make a difference! Your support helps provide services to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Sign up to help us move forward together and pave the path to a brighter and safer future.   The website can… Read more »

Video conferencing backgrounds

In this new era of physical distancing, victims of domestic violence are potentially isolated. It’s important that they are aware of where they can turn to for help. During your next online meeting or virtual class, a fun way you can help us is by changing your background to one of these images that contain… Read more »

Responding to Victims/Survivors

Disclosing abuse to someone is such a vulnerable time for victims, and often has a huge influence on the trajectory of a victim’s healing. During this time its important for the victim to know that they are believed and that they have someone trusted to talk to. Here are some dos and don’ts. Do Let… Read more »

Red Flags and Warning Signs

Sometimes there are red flags and warning signs while someone is in an abusive relationship. Oftentimes we hear about bruises, black eyes, or other physical signs. But here are some not-so-obvious signs. Their partner monitors what they do. This could take many forms. Sometimes it is a partner constantly calling or texting to “check in”… Read more »

12 Reasons Why Domestic Violence is on the Rise during COVID-19

The issues with shelter-in-place Social Isolation – Abusers often try to isolate their victims. With Shelter-in-place, victims won’t have any contact with family members, coworkers, and others outside their home. Increased monitoring – Shelter-in-place also means that an abuser can monitor a victim’s every action, so victims are unable to reach out for help safely…. Read more »

Believe Survivors

As Sexual Assault Awareness Month came to a close My Sister’s House developed pins that said “Believe Survivors” in various API languages. Believing Survivors is the first step we can all take towards supporting survivors and creating a world where survivors feel like they have a voice. What does it look like? You can say… Read more »

Denim Day

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019 is Denim Day. Denim Day is an opportunity for people to wear jeans to take a stand against destructive attitudes around sexual assault and sexual violence. History In 1992, an 18 year old student was raped by her 45 year old driving instructor. The instructor claimed that it was consensual. The… Read more »

Supporting Hmong Women Survivors

Recently, Hmong Innovating Politics posted a great narrative from a Hmong sexual assault survivor. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to speak out about topics like sexual assault, especially since these topics are taboo in the Asian Pacific Islander community.   It demonstrates the importance of movements like #metoo, where survivors can hear of stories… Read more »