My Sister’s House on Cap Radio about COVID-19 resources

Sammy Caiola wrote about My Sister’s House in an article titled As Stay-At-Home Order Increases Risk Of Domestic Violence, Resources Remain Available For Victims

Here’s a small excerpt from the article:

For many domestic violence victims living with their abusers, getting coffee with a friend or grabbing the kids from school can be a needed break. But advocates say with the COVID-19 quarantine orders in place, some victims may be in an untenable situation.

“That freedom is so important, that release valve is so important,” said Nilda Valmores, executive director of My Sister’s House, a Sacramento domestic violence nonprofit. “Everyone talks about isolation, isolation, isolation, and that’s the exact opposite medicine for abuse. To deal with abuse people need to come out of the closet, people need to network and find support, to know that they’re not alone.”