Valley Crisis Center Next Generation Update for end of year 2015

  by Valley Crisis Center December 22, 2015   CHAN is an interagency network created by Pana Lee of Valley Crisis Center and Sitra from My Sister’s House, in order to provide a safe place for Hmong advocates to meet on a quarterly bases. CHAN has now grown to as many as 6 advocates in California. The… Read more »

A Safe House, Painted Purple

by Lyia, Weave December 15, 2015   WEAVE has reached out to many communities over the decades but we acknowledge the cultural and linguistic barriers that arise which challenge us to find more creative avenues to have culturally sensitive spaces for victims and survivors who are Asian Pacific Islander (API). As part of the initiative to be… Read more »

Tri-Valley Haven

by Vicki Thompson Director of Domestic Violence Services   December 9, 2015   Li Zhou, Tri-Valley Haven’s newest case manager, said that domestic violence and sexual assault were never talked about in her Chinese family when she was growing up. In her culture issues of abuse are kept within the family because it would bring… Read more »

Reaching the API Community in Merced and Mariposa

by Valley Crisis Center October 23, 2015   Under the umbrella of Alliance for Community Transformations, Valley Crisis Center and Mountain Crisis Services work in collaboration with their communities to prevent domestic violence and sexual violence by advocating for positive changes in the lives of individuals and our community as a whole. Over the past several years, both… Read more »

Striving to Provide Culturally Competent Services for API Community

by Haven Women’s Center October 23, 2015   In a collaborative effort to provide trauma-informed, culturally-specific services to the Asian Pacific Islander (API) community in Stanislaus County, Haven Women’s Center joined My Sister’s House’s Next Generation Project last year. After critically analyzing Haven’s programs, policies, and activities, we realized that Haven has some shortcomings in proficiently providing services for… Read more »

Empower Yolo

by Empower Yolo October 22, 2015   Asians, amirite? What do we know about our Eastern brother’s and sister’s beyond their strange foods and the stereotypes American’s lop onto an entire continent? How about, they are one of the most underserved populations in the US and they are least likely to seek out social services. The worst part… Read more »

Tri-Valley Haven

by Tri-Valley Haven October 22, 2015   Tri-Valley Haven is located in Eastern Alameda County, one of the wealthiest and least diverse areas of the county. Geographically isolated from the rest of the county by the Dublin Grade, our shelter population is vastly more diverse than the area in which we are located. Because of… Read more »


by Canh, Weave October 20, 2015   Trang has been a victim of domestic violence for several years. Emotionally broken down and financially stripped of all her resources, she finds the courage to connect with an agency she heard about on a local radio station. Trang finds the address on the agency website, plugs it into hersmartphone,… Read more »